Home Nursing

Home Nursing helps treat and monitor medical conditions

  • Feeding – Oral feeding, Nasogastric feeding, Gastronomy feeding, Monitor I.V. Infusion
  • Vigilant Observations – Blood Pressure, Temperature, Pulse, Respiration, Blood Glucose, Monitoring and maintain fluid balance chart
  • Administration of Oral medications
  • Administration of Insulin injections
  • Administration of intra-musculer injections
  • Maintain personal hygiene – beds baths, shower baths, dressing of wounds, colostomy care, catherter care etc
  • Prevention of complications – Bed sores, Hypostatic pneumonia, Diabetic gangrene, Dehydration and Constipation, Accidential falls and fracture
  • First aid treatments in an emergency
  • Attend to minor ailments like headaches, stomachaches, faint attacks
  • Visit to the Doctor
  • Assist in taking medical test


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